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Morris Commercial Cars Limited was a British manufacturer of commercial vehicles founded by William Morris, who was also the founder of the Morris Motor Company.(MMC)
William Morris, who later became Lord Nuffield, founded a cycle business back in 1893 and turned to motor-car production in 1912. In the early 1920s there were increasing numbers of low-cost American light trucks getting on to the UK market, and Morris saw an opportunity to compete in this sector with a mass-produced 1-tonner.
The company had been established in 1924, when Morris purchased the assets, premises and name of E.G. Wrigley and Company, suppliers of axles for the Oxford and Cowley cars. Same year the company name was changed to Morris-Commercial Cars Ltd. and entered the commercial-vehicle market.
In 1932 the company moved a few miles across Birmingham to Adderley Park.
In 1936 Morris sold the company to Morris Motors Limited. The use of the Morris Commercial brand name continued until 1968 when British Motor Holdings, by then the parent of Austin and Morris, merged with the Leyland Motor Corporation to form the British Leyland Motor Corporation.
In 1938 William Morris became Viscount Nuffield, and the same year he merged MCC (already incorporating Wolseley) and MG with newly acquired Riley to form a new company the Nuffield Organisation.
In 1952, the Nuffield Organisation (incorporating Morris, MG, Riley and Wolseley) merged with its old rival the Austin Motor Company to form the British Motor Corporation (BMC) with Leonard Lord back in charge, accounting for Austin's domination of the organisation. Badge engineering came with the new company and, for several years, Austin, Morris and the other BMC names would be seen on similar vehicles. In 1968, the Morris marque transferred to the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC), and subsequently, in 1975, to the nationalised British Leyland Limited (BL).
Morris Commercial Cars
Morris C8
PU 8 cwt ( Personnel Utility )
Morris-Commercial light Military Trucks 1924-45
MRA1 FV16101 ~ Truck, 1 ton, 4x4, cargo; FV16102 ~ Truck, 1 ton, 4x4, water tank; FV16103 ~ Truck, 1 ton, 4x4, dry air charging; FV16104
The British Morris-Commercial Terrapin MkI , the counterpart of the American GMC-DUKW. There are not many Terrapins build, because the DUKW was much better
The 15 cwt CS8 Morris-Commercial was first developed in 1934. The British WD had a need for a general purpose vehicle of around 15 cwt capacity and MCC in co-operation with the WD designed a new truck using many parts from their new 1933 civilian C series range. The new MCC WD truck was designated CS8, (S meaning 6 cyl and 8 meaning approx. 8 ft wheel base) it had a short stubby appearance and high ground clearance. The CS8 evolved into the ubiquitous 15 cwt general purpose truck that was eventually built by other British manufacturers such as Guy , Bedford , Commer and Fordson .
The Morris CDSW 6x4 was a six-wheeled artillery tractor
The Morris CDSW 6x4 was a six-wheeled artillery tractor
In 1933, the British War Office issued specifications for a new type of purpose-built GS (General Service) truck.
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