NATI - Institute is a Research Institute for tractor.NATI is considered the founding date of December 31, 1925, when the Decree of the SUPREME COUNCIL in the NAMI was organized by the tractor Division.
Followed by K1 (K - Korotkonoshko) with all-wheel drive, a 6x6 x 3 ton all-terrain vehicle developed from the ZiS-5 (after 1930)
Front wheel drive was carried out using the joints of equal angular velocities of type "Rzeppa".
Developers: Sonkin, G.A., Shishkin B.V., Rodionov, V. F., etc. The project K2 led Rodionov V. F., and developed under the leadership of Ivan Shishkin B.V. project K2-bis passed factory, formed the basis of ZiS-32.
Another prototype was made using units "Spiser" .
Most of the units have been manufacturing plant GAZ but with certain modifications
By the mid-1930s in the global automotive industry has already formed a tendency to create a truly all-terrain vehicles by driving on both bridges, including front and controlled. This yielded a much more promising than the very common then versioning basic models with 6x4.
In 1930 to 1940 years as in NATI and the GAZ plant were working on command vehicles, including all-wheel drive. GAZ - GAZ-61 and GAZ-64. In NATI - "Car scout AR-NATI."
The Central research and development automobile and engine institute NAMI
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