MaxxPro 6x6
Probably one of the coolest applications of the DXM suspension has to be the MaxxPro 6x6 DXM. This beast is powered by the same MaxxForce 9.3D as the Dash but has a curb weight of 42,000 pounds and a payload rating that is confidential.
Navistar Truck 6x6
Navistar Truck 6x6
Navistar Defence 7000-MV GTT
The International® 7000-MV GTT is ideal for off-road missions as a hauler of heavy-duty material or converted to heavily armored personnel carrier. Based on Navistar’s versatile commercial platform, these trucks offer high commonality among variants and are easily adapted to suit the mission. The 7000-MV GTT offers a 5-ton off-road capacity and a weapon station that can handle up to .5 caliber weapons. The GTT has removable seating to transport up to 20 soldiers or cargo – including ISO containers.
Navistar Truck Protected
The MaxxPro Dash is a lighter, smaller and more mobile variant of the MaxxPro MRAP family. The Dash maintains the survivability system used on all MaxxPro MRAP variants while offering a smaller turning radius and higher torque-to-weight ratio. Optimized for Afghanistan operations, the MaxxPro Dash can accommodate additional up-armoring.
The MaxxPro Dash DXM is a lighter, smaller and more mobile variant of the MaxxPro MRAP family. With its Hendrickson independent suspension, the Dash DXM is the perfect solution for extreme theaters like Afghanistan because of its greater maneuverability, tight 54-foot turn radius and increased payload. The suspension is also easily installed, allowing deployed units to be retrofit quickly.
Navistar — правопреемник основанной в 1902 году компании International Harvester, выпускавшей грузовые машины под маркой International (во время Второй Мировой войный выпускал автомобили для Моского Корпуса Армии США ) , разорившейся и распроданной по частям в 1984 году. Современное название введено в 1986 году.
В 2007 Navistar выкупила линейку средних грузовиков у General Motor's - W-Series, T-series ( Kodiak /TopKick. )
Navistar International Corporation (бывшая International Harvester Company) также оперирует под именами MaxxForce, IC Corporation, Workhourse.
Navistar приобрел полигон принадлежавший ранее компании Studebaker .
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