BeiBen Truck (Baotou BeiBen Heavy-Duty Truck Co) is a heavy-truck manufacturer based in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China. BeiBen, (North Benz), is part of the North industries Group Corporation (NORINCO). It was founded in 1988 when BeiBen signed an agreement with Daimler-Benz to manufacture Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Mercedes was to deliver CKD kits for assembly by BeiBen, and within a few years, the trucks would contain 90% domestic parts. By 2010, BeiBen was building 40,000 trucks a year.
China signed the agreement with Daimler-Benz (now DailmerChrysler) to co-produce Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty trucks locally under license in September 1988. The deal aimed to fulfil the growing demands for high-performance heavy-duty trucks from both military and civil sectors in China then. FIRMACO , a (NORINCO). subordinate company, was chosen as the main Chinese contractor. The actual technology transfer however took place at rather slow pace. The truck assembly line was not finished until 1995, and the joint venture Baotou North-Benz Group Corporation was only formed in 1996 for the marketing of the Chinese-built North-Benz truck.
Although the truck manufacturing facility at North Benz has the capacity to build 6,000 trucks per annum, the annual production of North-Benz truck has been around 500~600 trucks over the past few years, mainly due to its expensive prices and incompetent marketing. Early production variants of the truck still relied on some German-made parts. Following the end of the co-production agreement with DailmerChrysler in 2003, North-Benz continued to build the truck with 100% Chinese-made parts.
The PLA has received some limited numbers of the North-Benz 2629A heavy duty truck since the late 1990s, mainly for artillery towing and weapon/workshop carrier roles. The most notable deployment of the North-Benz truck is the road transportation line linking Tibet with inland Chinese provinces. The truck is said to be performing extremely well in the harsh weather and road conditions in the Tibet Highland (5,000m above sea level). The latest order was reported in 2005, when the PLA ordered an additional 1,500 trucks from North-Benz.
The North-Benz 2629A truck has a two-door forward control cab with four seats. Some variants are fitted with a double-decked sleeping berth in the cab for long-distance travelling. If needed, the driving cab can be fitted with bullet-proof windscreen, wire mesh windscreen protection, and extra armour protections. The truck is available in 4X4, 6X6 and 8X8 configurations.
The truck is powered by a German Deutz 1013/1015 liquid-cooled turbocharged diesel engine rated at 220~480hp. Some variants are powered by a Deutz 513F air-cooled diesel for the use in northern desert and snow regions. The unique transmission and fuel designs guarantee the vehicle to function normally in temperature between -40C and 50C.
The vehicles German-designed gearbox has nine forward and one reverse gears. The three axles and six wheels all operate with speed differential locking devices, which ensure that the vehicle still has drive, even when one or more wheels on one side of the vehicle are not in contact with the ground, or have lost traction.
BEIBEN Trucks Group CO.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as Bei Ben Heavy Truck Company) is funded by seven companies such as China North Industries group Corp., China North Industries Corporation, Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd and China Hua Rong Asset Management Corporation etc., whose headquarter is set in Baotou, with 15.3 billion yuan total assets and covers 2.82 million square meters area. Since imported 8-20 tons carload full set of technology and equipment from Benz Germany in 1988, officially passing the national acceptance in 1995, Bei Ben Heavy Truck Company achieved comprehensive productivity of 100000 under concerns of superior department and local authorities, rapidly growing into a modern large-scale commercial vehicle company which is from researching and developing, sale to manufacturing and service of automobiles and components of integrating heavy truck, passenger cars, tuners, automobile body, axle, transmission chassis etc. crossing Baotou, Chongqing, Penglai, Beijing and Xinjiang.
In the 1970s, Chinas relevant government departments to change the auto industrys lack of emphasis on low light situations, study visits to several well-known global manufacturers of heavy truck inspection and concluded that the best Mercedes-Benz heavy truck technology. "To the best Ganjiu Gan," based on the introduction of this principle, the government decided to Mercedes-Benz project in Inner Mongolia on a local group.
Mercedes-Benz heavy truck was introduced mainly for military use , fabric companies are fully taken into account the point of need for combat readiness.
The PLA is equipped with a small number of the North Benz 2629A heavy duty truck built by North-Benz heavy-Duty Truck Co. Ltd, a joint venture formed by Inner-Mongolia First Machinery Group Corporation (FIRMACO) of Baotou, Inner-Mongolia; China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO); and DailmerChrysler. The truck is based on the Mercedes-Benz NG-80 truck originally introduced in the mid-1980s. The truck mainly serves as heavy cargo and weapon equipment carriers in the PLA.
BeiBen Truck
China signed an agreement with Daimler-Benz (now DailmerChrysler) to co-produce Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty trucks locally, under license in September 1988 at the NORINCOs FIRMACO facility, as North-Benz heavy-Duty Truck Co Ltd. Following the end of the co-production agreement with DailmerChrysler in 2003, North-Benz continued to build the truck with 100% Chinese-made parts. The Chinese ND2629A Truck is said to be performing extremely well in the harsh weather and road conditions in the Tibet Highland (5,000m above sea level). The latest order was reported in 2005, when the PLA ordered an additional 1,500 trucks from North-Benz.
Beifangbenchi Heavy-duty Truck Co., Ltd. is a state-owned joint-stock truck company built up jointly by China NORINCO(G),China NORINCO,Inner Mongolia No.1 Machinery (Group) Co. Ltd., China Huarong Assets Management Company,Chongqing Tiema Compay(Group),Baotou Stated-owned Industrial Assets Limited Company and Shandong Xiaofeng Industr Limited Company. Beifangbenchi is a key project constructed by the State in the late of the 1980's in order to change the situation of "Short of heavy-duty truck" in automobile industry,create famous brand of domestic heavy-duty trucks and implement the strategic decision of "high starting point","high standard and high quality".They are manufactured under the license of Germany Benz heavy-duty truck technology.
Beifangbenchi Heavy-duty Truck Co Ltd. has invested 2 billion yuan accumulatively to establish the domestic first-level production lines of general assembling, axle machining, transfer case machining, covering parts of large-scale cab, frame punching, Eisenman spray paioting, testing of vehicles, etc. in Baotou city. After merging in 2004, Beifangbenchi Heavy-duty Truck Group Co Ltd has been strengthened greatly. Based on it's strong technical foce, advanced facilities and modernized management means, the Group can produce A, B and C three series of Beifangbenchi trucks, Tiema series truck, Beifangbenchi coach series products and other automobile products, and gradually setup a rather complete automobile industrial chain concerning heavy-duty truck, bus ,bus chassis, axle, gearbox, engine and other products.
The series products of Beifangbenchi trucks are ideal versions instead of imported ones. With outstanding performance and high quality, they are widely used in industries and sectors, such as national defense, aviation, postal service, railway, highway, harbor, petroleum, chemicals, water and electricity, forest, fire fighting, banks, peace keeping force and so on. Now they are sold to the countries and areas, such as Iraq, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and so on.
Beifangbenchi truck is one of the famous brands of domestic top-class heavy-duty trucks. Based on Benz technology level and strong manufacturing and designing ability in Ordinance Industry, the products have been transferred from highclass to series of medium-high class, medium class versions with perfect cost-performance ratio through self developing and matching with domestic high quality coordinated parts. With deadweight from 8 tons to 25 tons, and towed load of 30 tons to 60 tons, demands from different heavy-duty buyers can be met. The economic heavy-duty trucks manufactured in Co. have been entering the mainstream market, and are well received by costumers and find favour in customers eyes. Heavy-Duty Truck CNGS
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