OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a South African is in operation since 1980 and gained its expertise in the refurbishing of military vehicles as well as the design, development and manufacturing of armoured and mine protected vehicles over more than 20 years. The current status of the company is ISO 9001 certification with acknowledged engineering excellence. OTT has two main business lines: New Armoured Vehicles and Refurbished Vehicles. A secondary business line is the supply of new and refurbished original spares for our refurbished products and Unimog .
OTT Armoured Vehicles
The SAMIL 20
The SAMIL 50
The SAMIL 50 is used as the basis for an extended range of vehicles, all of which can be fitted with an armored mine-proof cab. Removable bench seats in the rear can carry up to 40 troops and a virtual permanent fixture used in operational areas is a twin-axle trailer carrying up to 6 000 kg.
The SAMIL 100 is virtually a SAMIL 50 with an extra axle at the rear and a more powerful V-10 diesel engine. It shares many components (such as the cab) with the SAMIL 50 and is again based on Magirus-Deutz models, although considerably strengthened to suit local conditions and incorporating many locally-available components. This military truck has been proven under combat conditions. It is currently in service with South Africa, Alger, and possibly some other countries.
SAMIL Trucks have been used by the South African National Defence Force for a number of years and have proven to be reliable under extreme conditions. Ideally suited to African conditions, SAMIL Trucks are widely recognised as the best and most versatile heavy-duty all-terrain trucks on the market. They have become the 4x4 and 6x6 trucks of choice for the Mining, Construction, Forestry and Tourism sectors. The SAMIL range of 4x4 & 6x6 trucks are based on MAGIRUS trucks of Germany. MAGIRUS subsequently became part of the IVECO Group of Italy. In South Africa 2 ranges of conventional drive, 4x2 and 6x4, trucks were produced also derived from MAGIRUS trucks. These are the SAMAG & SAKOM brands.
Armoured Personnel Carriers Casspir, Mamba, Nyala, RhinoC,Scout, Kudu
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The civilian versions of SAMIL trucks are called SAMAG (South African MAGirus). Production of these vehicles ended in 1998.
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