Praga was founded in 1907 to build motor cars as a venture between entrepreneur Frantisek Ringhoffer and the company ("First Bohemian-Moravian Machine Works", later a founding part of the CKD factories). Ringhoffer only stayed for one year and in 1909 the trade name Praga ("Prague" in Latin) was adopted. One of its early models was built under licence from the Italian company of Isotta-Fraschini.
In 1929 Praga merged with CKD, one of Czechoslovakia's largest engineering companies.
The factory was largely destroyed by air raids in 1945. After the Second World War it was rebuilt and resumed truck and bus construction.
Praga V3S 6x6 truck produced in 1952Ц1989.
In 2006, Praga was purchased by British International Truck Alliance with the intention to produce trucks with the name of Praga in Lublin, Poland.
Historie automobilky Praga
Praga since 1907 Praga is strictly focused on the production of truck vehicles since the late 1940s. Two very popular models are manufactured: Praga V3S, an all-terrain truck and utility vehicle produced at first for military purposes, but soon becoming a frequent choice for civil purposes as well. The second model is S5T which is a road option of V3S. Owing to their reliability and variability, these two models are quite widespread and it is not hard to meet V3S on Czech roads even today Ц partly because this model has been in production for incredible time of almost forty years. After further rearrangements of the car industry in 1964, PragaТs factories are commissioned to produce transmission components for a majority of Czechoslovak truck vehicles. Therefore, Praga does not return to the sphere of construction and production itself until the 1990s.
Praga RV
Praga S5T
Praga S5T - истори€
Praga Alfa UN
PRAGA V3S Nakladni terenni automobil
Historie Praga V3S Ц Legendarni Praga V3S
Praga V3s - an all-terrain multi-purpose truck Ц is without a doubt the most popular model ever produced by the company. V3S was in production for a remarkable time of almost forty years. The construction of this model was caused by an emerging demand for an all-terrain versatile military truck; for after the war, the restored Czechoslovakian army inherited a heterogenous vehicle fleet which was partly outdated and required very complex maintenance (due to its diversity). Therefore, there was a tendering process by the army for this specific kind of vehicle Ц and Praga presented three models in this competition. On the basis of these three models and all the tests they went through a new model was manufactured Ц Praga V3S.
Praga S5T The legendary truck Praga V3S (military 3 tons special) is known perhaps to everybody and there does not exist an czech army corp where it would not apply it's extraordinary riding qualities in the terrain. The saying: " Where the V3S does not get through, not even a tank will get through" is not far from truth. In August 1951 the constructors of the Vysocany Praga plant were entrusted with the development of a new terrain vehicle because Praga RN did not fulfill the riding qualities in the terrain and the attempt to relieve the Tatra T-111 towards the type T-128 4x4 did not go out the best, because the vehicle was still too heavy for riding in a required terrain. The first prototype was finished already on 19th February 1952 and on 2nd April 1953 started the serial production which was immediately introduced into the armament of the CSLA units.
Praga Golden
Praga PowerTrain
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