Rolligon Trucks Rolligon Corporation, established in 1960, is a manufacturer of heavy duty off-road transportation equipment. Many of Rolligon's rubber tired vehicles are fully amphibious with partial payload when equipped with Rolligon's High Flotation Tires.
Rolligon vehicles are used to transport heavy loads, personnel, product or equipment in areas where normal trucks and vehicles cannot operate. Rolligon vehicles can get your men and materials into areas of soft ground conditions, extremely rugged terrain or environmental conditions that are too harsh or sensitive for conventional trucks.
Whether your job is on the arctic ice, through the rain forest, across the river or over shifting sand, Rolligon is the solution to your transport problems.
Rolligon vehicles are currently operating in arctic, desert and jungle applications around the world.
Beginning : In 1935, William Hamilton Albee, then teacher living in a small Eskimo village in the Bering Strait can observe his friends Eskimos hoisting a boat loaded of 4 tonnes of meat on the shore with several bottles of sealskin sewn and swollen under the boat. They shoot to the top of the slope without difficulty despite the gravel and stones.
In 1951, William Albee, now in Carmel, California, begins a modern adaptation of Eskimos bags. It develops nylon impregnated rubber 'bags', very flexible, can be deformed but not extensible. After many consultations, it is ultimately the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, which agreed to manufacture them on plans designed by Albee. He then turns his garage into center of development and built the first prototype, a 1x3 with a ground pressure that can vary between 0.07 and 0.3 kg/cm2. The 'Albee Rolligon Company' is created in Monterey and its owner take patents (online : ) on wide and low pressure tires and also the powered upper rollers for propulsion by friction. Later, a suspension is patented.
Subsequently, with the help of the U.S. Army, release a Jeep, a Reo truck and a Dodge Power Wagon, all equipped with Rolligons. At this moment begins a media of these large vehicles with impressive tires and their creator. They spend even many times to Movie News (Gaumont Pathe Archives from 1953 to 1957 online). In 1957, is introduced the 'Albee Rolligon, 7 ton, 6x6, Off-Highway, Transporter'.
Bechtel Co Built Rolligon-vehicl by FMCfmce in 1972
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