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Sisu established in 1931.
In order to secure truck manufacturing during the Continuation War, in 1943 a new truck factory was built near Hameenlinna, some 100 kilometres north of the capital. Sisu trucks were manufactured there from 1945 to 1948. The factory was taken over by the stateowned Vanajan Autotehdas Oy, which manufactured trucks and buses under the brand name Vanaja until 1968, when Sisu took over activities at Hameenlinna again.
SISU was founded in 1931 under the name of OY Suomen Autoteollisuus AB or "Finnish automobile industry corp." in English. The trucks were branded as SISU which means "guts" or "courage" in Finnish.
The factory moved from Helsinki to Karjaa in 1944 where the factory still exists.
OY Suomen Autoteollisuus AB began to import Leyland lorries and Rolls Royce cars to Finland in 1955.
Another Finnish truck manufacturer Vanaja merged with SISU in 1968.
1975 SISU became a state owned company.
OY SISU Auto AB became the official new name of the company in 1981 after Scania and Leyland got 10% each of SISU's stock.
SISU axles became an independent company in 1999.
SISU Defence was established in 2005 to build and market military vehicles.
In 1997 Sisu signed a partnership agreement with the French company Renault V.I. The agreement included the purchase of components, including cabs, engines and axles, as well as the import and sale of Renault commercial vehicles in Finland.
1998 SISU Defence presented SISU 6x6 high mobility tactical vehicle (HMTV).
In December 2005 Sisu Defence signed a contract to supply mine-protected SISU 8x8 trucks to the Lithuanian Defence Forces until 2009.
In 2006 a 10x10 high mobility tactical vehicle was presented and is now the top of the range model.
Sisu Auto specializes in factory-ready trucks. In 2006 Sisu introduced the new model family specializing in the Crane, Rock, Roll, Timber and Works applications. In 2008 the new machine-transport truck Sisu Carrier was presented.
The axles used in early Sisu models were produced by Timken. Later the axle housings were locally produced.In 1942 SAT started its own axle production; the first models were based on Timken products and produced in Helsinki. Kirkstall axles were later used in some applications. Soon after Vanajan Autotehdas was merged into SAT in 1968, the outstanding lifting tandem system, used previously in Vanaja lorries, was adopted to Sisu; the robust structure was most welcome because the SAT's own corresponding solution was suffering of fractures. Axle production was moved to Hameenlinna in 1985 and axle production was split off as a separate company, Sisu Axles, and finally sold to investors in 1999. During the Renault partnership also Renault axles were in selection.
— 2011 г SISU AXLES Inc Joins to Marmon-Herrington
Sisu Axles is owned by Marmon Highway Technologies -( MHT ), a Berkshire Hathaway company, serves the global heavy-duty transportation industry, with a broad range of innovative components and assemblies. To learn more about MHT, visit
The operations are located in Hameenlinna, Southern Finland. Our products are seen all over the world in tough and sometimes extreme applications.
Solution provider is the term we use. We are driven by customers needs while our customers are driven with unique applications. Sisu Axles assists them to equip their vehicles with axle systems that they do not find anywhere else.
Sisu Axles serves customers who are rather niche market suppliers than those who make products for high volume vehicle industry.
Tailoring for special purposes and applications knowledge are key words to describe our know-how.
1943 SISU manufacture was utilised in serving the Finnish Defence Forces. After the 1950Тs SISU manufactured not only extremely robust trucks, but also trams and buses.
1962 SISU manufactured its first prototype 4x4 off-road truck in collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces. The vehicle was called the Proto throughout its lifespan
1998 The SISU HMTV 6x6 was presented .
2000 the SISU HMTV 8x8. The vehicle combines the mobility of an off-road truck and the practicality of a civilian truck. It also has favourable life-cycle costs.
2006 Sisu introduces a brand new range of off-road trucks. The top-of-the-range model is the 10x10 vehicle, which can for instance be used as a platform for a 26-metre bridge - a much lighter alternative than a tank. All models can be equipped with ballistic and land mine protection.
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