TRM line (Toutes Roues Motrice-AWD)

1200 2000(1981-1990) 4000(1978-1989) 9000 10000(1985-1996) 700-100
The TRM 700 100 is part of a range of military vehicles developed by the manufacturer of Venissieux. This range already belongs to the past because the new Renault range arrives on the market with the Leclerc tanks. From the beginning it was put in competition with the German Faun
TRM 10000 developed from the TRM 9000, which was a 9-ton truck designated for export. After an initial order of 178 vehicles, a second order for 759 trucks was placed in 1987. Originally scheduled for a production of 5,000 trucks, only about 1,000 trucks were produced.
The Renault TRM10000 is a military truck produced by RVI (Renault Vehicules Industriels) in 1985 for the French army to make an artillery truck.
В апреле 1980 Berliet и Saviem под эгидой Renault образовали Renault Vehicules Industriels (RVI). Лнейка грузовиков получает новое название TRM (Toutes Roues Motrice - привод на все колеса) и дополнительно полезная нагрузка в килограммах.
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