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Scammell Lorries Limited was a British manufacturer of trucks, particularly specialist and military off-highway vehicles, from 1921 to 1988. Scammell Lorries Limited became a member of the Leyland Group , during the 1950s, and continued to construct vehicles at its Watford factory, until the Leyland Group was purchased by DAF BV of Holland, in 1987.
1922 1st July. Scammell Lorries Ltd was formed as a public company with capital of ?250,000 to acquire from G. Scammell and Nephew Ltd their works at Watford and to carry on the business of manufacturers of motor lorries for road haulage, etc, especially the "well known" Scammell Six-wheeler. Directors were James Allan as Chairman, Alfred George Scammell as MD, Percy Garibaldi Hugh as Technical Director and General Manager, Albert Isaac Belisha, Henry Ludwig Mond and Edward Whitten Rudd
Apart from this, the company also found itself increasingly involved in such fields as heavy construction, oil drilling, mining and logging, as well as maintaining its military presence with vehicles such as the 6x6 Explorer, 4x4 Mountaineer and, by 1952, the Constructor in its various forms. Scammell Explorer - FV11301 The full title given by the Army is Tractor, 10 Ton, 6x6, G.S, Recovery (FV11301). Many of these found there way into civilian life when they were replaced by the AEC Mk 3 recovery in the mid 1960's
Moutaineer 4x4 Moutaineer Commercial Motor 1950 February Scammell Mystery Army
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