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Scania-Vabis was the name used by Swedish truck, bus and car manufacturer Scania AB from 1911 to 1968. The company was formed when Maskinfabriks-aktiebolaget Scania merged with Vabis (Vagnfabriks Aktiebolaget i Sodertalje). Car production ended in 1929. Ultimately, the name Vabis was dropped in 1968.
In 1969, Scania-VABIS merged with Saab AB, and formed Saab-Scania AB. When Saab-Scania was split in 1995, the name of the truck and bus division changed simply to Scania AB. One year later, Scania AB was introduced on the stock exchange, which resulted in a minor change of name to Scania AB (publ).
The VABIS (Vagnfabriksaktiebolaget i Sodertalje) name was registered on 13 June 1906 and was used on all vehicles that the company manufactured in Sodertalje until 1911, when AB Scania-Vabis was formed. The trademark, or symbol, that was then designed would become a legendary mark of quality in Swedish industry.
Scania History
Scania LA82
For 2-3 uker siden ble det lagt ut bilder av en milit?r Scania R142E tungtrekker med maskintralle som viste seg a v?re tatt i forbindelse med test av ulike biler for Forsvaret i 1986 inngikk den store kontrakten pa leveranse av i alt 1609 Scania-biler i de folgende arene.. Her har vi tre bilder til tatt pa noenlunde samme tid, og her var det en kapellpabygd Scania P92HK4x4 som var i fokus og som muligens var en tidlig 1986 mod i og med at disse modellene kom i produksjon fra dette aret..
1916: El ejercito sueco encarga a Scania-Vabis un vehiculo con traccion y direccion en las cuatro ruedas.
1960-62: Se hace entrega a las fuerzas armadas de Suecia de un total de 440 camiones Scania-Vabis modelo LA82 6x6 (conocido como "oso hormiguero"), con motor turbo de 10 litros con una potencia de 200-220 CV. La gran movilidad de estos camiones off-road de alto rendimiento resultaba sumamente util, entre otros, para el arrastre de piezas de artilleria. Algunos fueron adaptados como vehiculos grua y de rescate de alta potencia.
1971: En colaboracion con la Administracion de Material de las Fuerzas Armadas de Suecia (FMV) se desarrollan prototipos para una nueva generacion de vehiculos todoterreno: SBA111 (4x4) y SBAT111 (6x6). Dichos vehiculos incorporaban chasis de una flexibilidad extraordinaria y una suspension de amplio recorrido , lo cual les aportaba una movilidad excepcional. Con el fin de facilitar la conduccion y la formacion de los conductores, se diseno una caja automatica especial con caracteristicas de operacion off-road, mas tarde adaptada a uso civil.
1975: Se inicia la produccion de unos 3.500 vehiculos SBA111 (4x4) y SBAT111 (6x6), 2.700 de ellos destinados a las fuerzas armadas suecas.
The name SBA stands for Special Bulldog Allwheeldrive. The 6x6 SBAT model adds Tandem to the abbreviation. The 111 code stands for Generation 1, 11-liter engine.
Saab-Scania SBA 111
Scania SBA111 , designated Terrangbil 30 (Tgb 30), is a military all-wheel drive cross-country truck designed and manufactured by Scania division of Saab-Scania for the Swedish Armed Forces. Full name is Special Bulldog Allwheeldrive, generation 1, 11-liter diesel engine.
Scania SBA111S , designated Terrangbil 40 (Tgb 40) is a larger version, sporting three-axle, all-wheel drive. Full name is Special Bulldog Allwheeldrive Tandem, generation 1, 11 liter Supercharged dieselengine.
The SBA111 is a forward control truck with a 6-cylinder Scania diesel engine, a six-shift Scania automatic gearbox integrated with a mechanical two-shift transfer case driving all axles,the winch and optional two other power-take-offs. Due to ample ground clearance, low centre of gravity, locking differentials on all axles and automatic transmission, it has very good cross-country mobility. It is fitted with an 87 kN winch. About Scania
Truck range - P-series, R-series, G-series.
Scania G440 6x6
Special-purpose trucks
DF 6 X 6 on Scania test track prior to delevery
normally, as most manufacturers scania is against AWD and strong engines, so normally they offer only up to 450/490hp except unknown number of 142 6x6 for norweigan army, and 60x of 143 6x6 for them, there is very small number of V8 and AWD , just few rebuild units, one prototype 143 500...but as japanese heavy haulage need lot of weight on drive axles to be able to pull more total weight , and some austrian operators wanted 730 6x6 for timber trucks, scania offered r730 with 6x6 as special order, also some are made as 8x8 for army there is at least 10 of r730 6x6 in japan, 5x in austria (this was situation 6.5months ago now i am not that much into it) as much i know this is first r620 with 6x6 wheel configuration, for heavy haulage this one is for russia, as their fuel is bad there is no way 730 could work there ( as much i know only 1 in russia
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