The Stallion range of trucks is produced by Ashok Leyland Defence Systems (ALDS) for the Indian Armed Forces; it is based on the Ford Cargo. The Stallion is a medium-duty defence vehicle of the Indian Army with multiple logistical and tactical applications. The Stallion 4x4 and Stallion 6x6 are operational on varied terrains.
The Stallions have replaced the erstwhile workhorses of the Armed Forces, the Shaktiman trucks.
The Super Stallion is an uprated version of the Stallion. The 6x6 is rated at 10 tonnes while the 8x8 is rated at 12 tonnes.
The Stallion is manufactured by the Ashok leyland defence systems. It is also assembled by the Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, (VFJ) of Ordnance Factories Board, with most components being supplied by Ashok Leyland, based on the Ford Cargo.
Defence-vehicles "..transport solutions on the COLT and SUPER STALLION platforms that range from Rapid Intervention Vehicles, Field Artillery Tractors, Light Recovery Vehicles, Water Bowsers, Truck Fire Fighters and Fuel Dispensers"
Ashok Leyland is a known company that has provided logistic mobility solutions to the armed forces over the years. A tried and trusted partner of the forces, it has a varied portfolio and products catering to all logistic requirements. This includes among others, Troop/Load Carrying Vehicle, Light Recovery Vehicles, Field Artillery Tractor and Truck Fire Fighting as under:
Stallion 4x4 Troop/Load carrying, LRV, Fuel Dispenser, Water bowser
Stallion 6x6 with variants as above
Super Stallion HMV 6x6
Super Stallion HMV 8x8
Super Stallion 10x10
Recognizing the need for specialist vehicles meant only for the defence forces and homeland security agencies, Ashok Leyland Defence Systems (ALDS), a company meant specifically to address these diverse and different requirements was created. This enables increasing the portfolio to include vehicles with military payloads ranging from 1.5 to 16 tonnes, on various light, medium and heavy vehicle platforms, armoured and soft skinned, that will feature:
Light Tactical Vehicles
Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV),
Mobile Weapon Platform applications
Special applications relating to integrated weapons/communication/electronic systems
The intent of Ashok Leyland and ALDS, is to build on various strategic relationships to provide the Indian security agencies with mobility solutions of their choice.
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