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The company Sterling Motor Truck was in 1916, in Milwaukee founded. In 1917, during the First world war, is a member of Sterling together with other companies in the construction of the Liberty truck. Since its start, the Sterling line of trucks has undergone many changes, as well as a temporary shutdown, as well as changing owners several times. The Sterling Trucks company made both medium and heavy duty trucks. It also produced vehicles during World War II. They continued on in the business until the 1950s, when White Trucks bought them out in1951 and called the new merger Sterling White. Later, White Trucks retired the Sterling brand of trucks and the name went dead for a while. In 1951, took over the White Truck in the Service and sale of Freightliner. Nearly 50 year later, the Sterling Truck brand was revived in 1997 when Daimler - Benz bought the Ford Heavy Duty Truck Division. The Acterra was a Class 5-7 truck with a great many straight truck applications, flatbed, box truck, crane truck. This was a very popular midrange truck.
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William Sternberg began the original Sterling Trucks Company in the beginning of the 1900s under his own name. The Sterling name came in 1916 due to the fact that Sternberg was German, and during this timeframe many people didnt like the Germans due to World War I, so he didnt want the company to have a German name.
Sterling Motor Truck Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 1916-1933
Sterling Motors Corp., Milwaukee, Wis. 1934-51
Sterling Division, White Motor Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 1951-1952
Sterling Division, White Motor Co., Cleveland, Ohio 1952-1953
In 1938, Fageol Truck Co. Based in Oakland, ceased its activities and Sterling bought the assets. While keeping the ownership of the network of distribution. Sterling sold the factory with the manufacturing rights to Theodore Alfred Peterman, who moved the company Peterbilt Motor.
In 1939, Peterman acquired Fageol Truck and Coach Company of Oakland California, from Sterling Motor Truck Co.
The Sterling name was originally used by an independent truck manufacturer, bought by the White Motor Co. in about 1953.
It was retired two years later.
Although technically the property of the White Motor Co., and conveyed to its successor, Volvo -White Motor Co., which evolved into Volvo Trucks North America, the trademark had lain dormant so long that there were no grounds for objection when Daimler-Benz subsidiary Freightlinerwhose trucks were distributed by White from the 1950s through 1975resurrected it to supplant the Ford blue oval on their HN80 ("AeroMax") family of trucks after the purchase.
In 1953, White purchased the Autocar Company. From 1951 until 1977, White Motors also distributed Freightliner trucks.This took place under an agreement with Freightliner's parent, Consolidated Freightways. White manufactured trucks under its own brandsWhite, Autocar, and Western Staras well, leading to the company becoming known as the "Big Four" through to the mid-1970s. The Sterling nameplate, unused by White as long as the company owned it, went to Freightliner after the companies' split; it was used from 1997 to 2008, by Daimler Trucks.
In 2003 The Sterling Truck Corp. offers a factory-authorized All-Wheel Drive Conversion for Acterra trucks. Sterling created the Acterra Fabco All-Wheel Drive Conversion option to meet the needs of commercial truck buyers across a wide range of vocations, including construction, utilities and municipal and emergency services.
On October 14, 2008, Daimler Trucks North America announced a plan to discontinue the Sterling product line in an effort to consolidate its North American truck manufacturing operations under the Freightliner and Western Star brands. The company stopped taking orders for new trucks in January 2009, the St. Thomas manufacturing plant closed in March 2009, and the Portland, Oregon, plant was closed in June, 2010.
Daimler plans to discontinue the Sterling product line in an effort to consolidate its North American semi-truck manufacturing operations under the Freightliner and Western Star brands.
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