Taian 4x4 The Taian TA4360 is currently the main heavy equipment transporter of Chinese army. It is also referred as TAS4360. It is produced by Taian Special Vehicle Company. Taian TA5350
Taian TA5380 ,The TA5380 8x8 wheeled chassis had been developed by Taian Special Vehicle Company. It evolved from Taian TA580.
Taian TA5450
The DF-15 carries a 500 kg single warhead and has a maximum range of 600 km. The missile is carried onboard a TAS5450 or WS2400 8x8 transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicle to provide full road and cross-country mobility. In time of crisis the missile system could be quickly mobilised from bases to launch locations by railway. The TEL vehicle then carries the missile to the launch site with pre-calculated coordinate data.
DF-10 LACM DF-26 IRBM, Taian HTF-5680 The HTF5680 is a special wheeled chassis with 12x12 configuration. It was specially developed to carry ballistic missiles. It is produced by Taian Special Vehicle company. It is in service with Chinese armed forces. Solid or Liquid: A solid fueled missile of this size would represent a major North Korean advance in missile capability, one that likely has been a result of China’s direct sale or transfer of technology, as with the missile’s TEL.
Tai'an Spaceflight Special-purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd предприятие по производству специальных большегрузных автомобилей марки «Tai'an».
Компанией разработаны серии специальных транспортных средств, широко используемых в национальной оборонt, нефтяных месторождениях и других крупномасштабных проектах. VARIANTS:
TAS5130 - Truck, 4X4, 5 tonne
TAS5180 - Truck, 4X4, 9 tonne
TAS5270A - Heavy duty truck, 6X6, 16 tonne
TAS5380 - Prototype, 8X8, 20 tonne
TAS5380A - TEL (FT-2000 SAM), 8X8, 20 tonne
TAS5380SQ - TEL (WM-80 MRL), 8X8, 30 tonne
TAS5382 - Rocket transporter/reloacing vehicle, 8X8, 20 tonne
TAS5450 - TEL (DF-15 SRBM and A-100 MRL), 8X8, 25 tonne
TAS5530 - Special purpose vehicle, 10X8 (or 10X6), 30 tonne
TAS5501 - Heavy duty truck, 10X10, 30 tonne
TAS5570 - Missile transporter (DF-15 SRBM), 10X10, 30 tonne
TAS5690 - Heavy duty truck, 12X12, 40 tonne
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