Taian Spaceflight Special-purpose Vehicle Co.,Ltd is a state fixed medium-sized enterprise of producing "Tai'an" Brand special heavy-duty trucks, which was reformed to be a share-issuing enterprise in 2004. It covers an area of 200,000 square meters with the building area of 40,000 square meters. The total capital is 200 million yuan with registered fund of 20 million yuan. There are 1200 staff members, including 234 professional technicians, taking over 19% of all staffs.
The design of products has adopted CIMS system and advanced ERP business resources schedule system with the capacity of designing, exploiting and producing military/civil heavy-duty special-purpose trucks. It owns more than 10 items of self import-export authority and state patent. The company passed ISO9001 military and civil products quality system authentication in 1999 and finished the repeater from 2000 pattern in 2000. It achieved sales revenue of 87 million yuan and increased value of industry of 13.5 million yuan with profit tax of 6 million yuan.
In recent years, the enterprise has designed and produced 8 series and several varieties special vehicles by itself. The products are widely used in national defence, military trade, oil field, mine, port, desert and other large-scale projects. The civil special-purpose vehicles are also appointed as the state perfect arrangement innovation
Since it starts in 1998 , The TAS5380 is the 20t-capacity, 8X8 heavy duty vehicle developed by Taian Special Vehicle Manufactory in the early 1980s as the transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicle of the DF-15 (CSS-6) short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) system. Over the years Taian has developed a number of variants for different weapon systems. The vehicle was also prompted in the civil truck market as special purpose and heavy duty truck. The TAS5380 is powered by an air-cooled diesel engine. VARIANTS:
TAS5130 - Truck, 4X4, 5 tonne
TAS5180 - Truck, 4X4, 9 tonne
TAS5270A - Heavy duty truck, 6X6, 16 tonne
TAS5380 - Prototype, 8X8, 20 tonne
TAS5380A - TEL (FT-2000 SAM), 8X8, 20 tonne
TAS5380SQ - TEL (WM-80 MRL), 8X8, 30 tonne
TAS5382 - Rocket transporter/reloacing vehicle, 8X8, 20 tonne
TAS5450 - TEL (DF-15 SRBM and A-100 MRL), 8X8, 25 tonne
TAS5530 - Special purpose vehicle, 10X8 (or 10X6), 30 tonne
TAS5501 - Heavy duty truck, 10X10, 30 tonne
TAS5570 - Missile transporter (DF-15 SRBM), 10X10, 30 tonne
TAS5690 - Heavy duty truck, 12X12, 40 tonne
Foreign technology Brochure information posted on Chinese web sites indicate that the CASIC/Sanjiang WS2600 large vehicle is a slightly modified version of the WS51200 16-wheel vehicle. The latter is described as having a maximum weight of 122 tons and a payload capability of 80 tons. The WS2600 has advanced features, such as: a divided axle with differential gears to assist of road movement; a central tire inflation system; a hydro pneumatic suspension to handle sensitive payloads; and the ability to pivot wheels in the front and back to assist steering. The brochure posted on the FYJS page makes clear that Sanjiang has a close relationship with the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) in Belarus, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of large vehicles for the transport of ballistic missiles. This relationship started in 1998, and technology transfers allowed Sanjiang to begin producing MAZ-based TELs in 2003. While the WS2600 can be considered a Chinese product it is clear that it has benefitted from MAZ TEL technology developed originally for large Soviet/Russian ICBMs.
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