TEKNO-CAR (Costruzione Veicoli Special) Produzione di macchine edili e stradali, mezzi speciali 4x4, fuoristrada 4x4, protezione civile, antincendio, autocaravan, autocarri, autoveicoli industriali, spazzaneve e spargisale, veicoli commerciali, compattatori, ambulanze 4x4, soccorso stradale, carri officina, camper, autoveicoli speciali, minibus 4x4, macchine operatrici stradali e veicoli militari.
Tecnokar Eurotrek X4, Polizia Locale Brescia,
Teknocar Eurotrek X, 4,Bj. 2001, 2.8l Iveco Turbo Diesel, 22 000km, zuschaltbarer Allrad,
Wonderfully robust truck build BPZ / how that could Switzerland, also Italy. Unfortunately the story was similar as ours - the once great names on the grill of the heavyweights have disappeared. Only Iveco can say today on the world market.
In principle, the is TEKNOCAR with the little Unimog is comparable, in terms of price, however much cheaper.

Due to its almost unimaginable Terrain features and the facilities you should accept the past of the TEKNOCAR is military in origin. Not true. Although its Silhouette admittedly, striking similar to that of the Austrian Pinzgauers. On The Other Hand: The The precursor of today's DURO, the Prototype-PUMA by MOWAG in Kreuzlingen, also showed external Similar to with the "Pinz". The supposed kinship may be due to a kind of forced development, if only expediency Sets standards.
The manufacturer of the TEKNOCAR had for the distribution of countries and areas in the visor, in where the term "road" is more of a foreign word. There he is also extremely successfully in use (which no longer trips the author since the test amazed). As befits such a vehicle, the car only five manual gears, but also one of the main gear flanged - on reduction gear. Plus lockable longitudinal differential individually lockable front and rear axle. You can so in 4x2 mode, permanent 4x4 mode, or rigid 4x4 mode move. The Switch (manually) can be done during full travel. To Load the terrain reduction has to be stopped. The manufacturer as a Ability to climb 80 to 100%, wherein here only the traction (and the line!) Limits . Under the Rigid-axle differentials for a respectable ground clearance of 305 Millimeters. This was paid for by a slight upward offset, axle shafts, and Planetary drives external. With outer planet axle differential device small (what for example, can very well see, if you are behind a Swiss military-6DM or 10DM Acid runs behind). The target audience for the TEKNOCAR are Users such as forestry companies, fire brigades, rescue organizations, ski lifts, garden,builders, Mountain Woke Up, Municipal Enterprises, Special Transport Firms, Expedition Entrepreneurs (Safaris), Police and ...the military. Of course, "pissed-off" off-road Fans, because the Fun of the carts, all because. Bloody a lot of Fun even!
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