Volvo Trucks (Swedish: Volvo Lastvagnar) (stylized as VOLVO) is a global truck manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by AB Volvo. It is the world's second largest heavy-duty truck brand.
Volvo Group was re-organized on January 1, 2012 and as a part of the process, Volvo Trucks ceased to be a separate company and was instead incorporated into Volvo Group Trucks, with VolvoТs other truck brands, Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks and UD Trucks ( Nissan Diesel Trucks).
The Volvo N10 is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle. Due to its robust design it proved perfectly suited for military applications. Production commenced in the 1970s. The N10 is in service with Swedish Army and Air Force. Over 1 200 of these trucks were delivered to the Belgian Army. These vehicles were locally produced. The Volvo NL10 was produced in both two- and three-axle configurations, however only the three-axle version was adopted for tactical military roles. This heavy utility truck was available in 6x2, 6x4 and 6x6 configurations. Three wheelbase lengths were available. Vehicle is conventional in layout with a bonneted cab and a cargo area at the rear. The cargo area is fitted with drop sides and tailgate. It is covered with bows and canvas cover. Some cargo vehicles are fitted with a load handling crane, others carry van bodies for medical services, offices, maintenance and so on. Payload capacity is about 10 t, depending on the version. Other production variants of the N10 truck include dump truck, load handling system, tanker and recovery vehicle. A similar Volvo N12 was also available as a tractor truck. It is used by the Swedish Army in the heavy equipment transporter role
The Volvo FMX series of commercial heavy-duty trucks are being proposed for military use. The FMX series trucks are available with 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x6, 8x8, 10x4, and 10x6 configurations. The FMX series evolved from the previous hugely successful Volvo FM series. Though new trucks are revised and updated. These heavy-duty vehicles were originally developed for mining, construction work, and to carry engineering and other heavy equipment. Some modifications are made for standard commercial trucks prior to military use. These modifications might include special paint, brackets for weapons and so on. The Volvo FMX series vehicles lack cross-country mobility of purpose-designed tactical military trucks. The militarized Volvo FMX 8x8 uses the same driveline and chassis components as its commercial version.
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