wanshan_ws2400 выпускается с 1986 г. по лицензии на автомобиль МАЗ-543 , снабжен агрегатами местного производства и широкой многоместной кабиной. Он служит для монтажа оперативно-тактических ракетных комплексов DF-11 или DF-15 и командно-штабных пунктов. В 1999–2000 гг. завод представил многоцелевые шасси WS2300 (6x6) и WS2500 (10x10) Wanshan WS2180 Oshkosh Based Truck Wanshan Special Vehicle is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aerospace Sanjiang Space Co. Ltd , which is in turn a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) . WS2250 High-mobility off-raod vehicle Oshkosh Based Truck WS2180A High-mobility off-road vehicle Wanshan Company, by virtue of its superior design development and testing capabilities and based on its market development and model development, has made a series of achievements and developed its own core technologies in the technical field of off-road vehicle transmission. Its automotive transmission gear is mainly divided into four categories, namely, main reducer, axle, transfer case and differential axle Equipment transporter Chassis WS-5250 ws5220 Medium and heavy duty off-road vehicle manufactured by Wanshan Company is a specially designed product based on domestic and foreign proved assembly configuration as per the requirements of different users. Currently, the product has been applied in specific fields with other products. ws5470, ws5470, ws5402, ws5402, ws5362, ws5362
Марку "Вэньшань" носят тяжелые шасси китайского Завода специальных транспортных средств из провинции Хубэй.
Базовый вариант WS2400 (8x8), выпускающийся с 1986 г. по лицензии на автомобиль МАЗ-543 , снабжен агрегатами местного производства.
Он служит для монтажа ракетных комплексов DF-11 или DF-15.
Компания также собирает аналоги американских армейских грузовиков MTVR, выпускемых Oshkosh .
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