Wanshan Special Vehicle Co. is a truck and bus manufacturer in China. Its WS-series military trucks are used by the Peoples Liberation Army; it is a major manufacturer of transporter-erector-launchers. Wanshan, ("ten thousand mountains"), is based in Wuhan in Hubei province. The "Wanshan Special Vehicle Factory" was state-owned; it was restructured into Hubei Sanjiang Space Wanshan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., which is, in turn, part of China Aerospace Sanjiang Space Co. Ltd , which started in 1969 as a military unit producing missiles. Sanjiang Space Group is a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC).
Wanshan has benefited from technology transfers from Deutz AG and ZF Friedrichshafen . Several of its trucks (but not more modern designs such as the WS2180 or the WS2250 have been based on MZKT designs, some of which have been updated with more modern engines and transmission systems.
Minsk, Belarus, traction vehicle factory, the former is known of the former Soviet Union military vehicles manufacturers Madz -MAZ. After the collapse of the Soviet Union belongs to Belarus all, later renamed for the Minsk tractor vehicle factory (MZKT), also in the former Soviet Union also a heavy military vehicles manufacturer Kurgan traction vehicles factory (KZKT) later collapse mismanagement is the production line sold to Minsk. Minsk is still the major Russian heavy military supplier, while Russia has Kamaz and Ural and Ghazi and other well-known vehicle manufacturers, and mainly for the air defense system to provide bath -BAZ chassis, but the Russians still can not open inherited the mantle of Madz Minsk, of course, China Wanshan technology is derived in Minsk, the introduction of MAZ-543 technology development a 6x6 to some series heavy-duty protection chassis...
Wanshan Special Vehicle Factory, a subordinated company of China Sanjiang Space Group in Yinbin, Hubei Province began to reverse-engineer the Russian MAZ543 missile transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicle in the mid-1980s. The project led to the introduction of the WS2400 8X8 heavy duty vehicle, which was initially used as the TEL vehicle of Chinas DF-11 (CSS-7) short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) system. Initial development of the vehicle encountered some technical difficulties, but these were later solved under the assistance of Belarus in the late 1990s.
bThe Wanshan WS2300 is a Chinese special wheeled chassis with 6x6 configuration. Essentially it is a 6x6 version of the larger WS2400 8x8 special wheeled chassis. Some sources report that production of the WS2300 commenced in 1999. It is produced by Wanshan Special Vehicle Factory. The WS2300 has a payload capacity of 16 000 kg. This heavy-duty high mobility vehicle is used as a TEL for two P12 short-range ballistic missiles. Also there is a command post or workshop version. It is likely that the WS2300 chassis is also used for other applications in Chinese military.
The Wanshan WS2400 is a heavy-duty high mobility chassis. Older Wanshan trucks have been based on Soviet designs. The WS2400 evolved from the WS580, which in turn was based on a Soviet MAZ-543. Later production models were based on Belarusian MZKT designs, but benefit from German technology transfer. These are fitted with German engines and transmissions. It is used as a launcher vehicle for a number of missile systems, such as DF-11 short-range ballistic missile. Engine is located behind the cab. It is mated to ZF automatic transmission. Vehicle has an 8x8 configuration. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. Chinese armed forces also operate a similar TA5380 and TA5450 special wheeled chassis with 8x8 configuration and similar payload capacity. These broadly similar vehicle is produced by Taian Special Vehicle Company.
The Wanshan WS2180 heavy high-mobility truck is a Chinese copy of the American Oshkosh MTVR heavy utility truck, which is currently used by the US Navy and Marine Corps. The Wanshan WS2180 can carry 7 t of cargo over cross-country terrain and up to 14 t on hard surface roads. This truck can also tow trailers and artillery pieces with a maximum weight of about 10 t. The baseline version is a general service troop/cargo carrier with drop-sides and drop-tailgate. This truck can be also used as a chassis for mounting various shelters or equipment. Engine is mated to a 12-speed automatic transmission. Vehicle has 6x6 configuration with all-wheel drive. However a 4x4 version is also available. This military truck has good cross-country mobility. Vehicle is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. It is claimed that the WS2180 can operate in climatic conditions ranging from -41C to +50C.
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