Ward LaFrance

Ward LaFrance is named after its founder, Addison Ward LaFrance. In his early years Addison worked as an engineer for his father and uncle at American LaFrance. The success of the dealership led to the formation of a truck manufacturer which he named the “LaFrance Truck Manufacturing Company.” The similarity in name with the flourishing American LaFrance Fire Engine Co. caused confusion even back then. At a meeting with American LaFrance’s company officials, it was suggested that Addison Ward LaFrance rename his company the “Ward LaFrance Truck Company.” Mr. LaFrance passed away in 1972 at the age of 87. Ward LaFrance M1 en M1A1 are heavy military crane trucks (Heavy Wrecker) which were produced in the second world war by the Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation of Paulsboro in the United States. Because the demand is greater than the production capacity of Ward LaFrance became a part of the production is outsourced to the Kenworth Truck Company in Kirkland, however, America, under the name Ward LaFrance
WARD LA FRANCE M-746 The M-746 Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) is a Heavy duty vehicle intended mainly to evacuate a disabled main battle tank or other disabled vehicles of similar weight and dimensions. Its design is suitable for primary or alternate main supply routes or from vehicle collecting points or maintenance units. Secondary missions of the M746 include the transport of non-disabled tank vehicles over extended distances and general cargo missions. The M746 HET Truck Tractor commonly was paired with the M747 Semi-Trailer, Low Bed, Heavy Equipment Transporter, 60-ton. After development by Chrysler, the M746 HET was manufactured by Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation from 1973-1977. The M746 HET was replaced by the M911 Truck, Tractor, C-HET, 8x6. To increase maneuverability of the M-746 8x8 tractor, the tandem front axles steer. The front and rear suspension are taper leaf-spring bogie type with shock absorbers and high-flotation tires.
WardLaFrance FireTruck Type 0-11A
American LaFrance Foamlite Co. получила несколько контрактов на постройку аэродоромных пожарных грузовиков нового поколения для ВВС США. Первый автомобиль Type 0-10 был передан ВВС США в 1951 г. За последующие 8 лет, American LaFrance и Marmon-Herrington построили более 1100 таких полноприводных автомобилей типов 0-10, 0-11A и 0-11B,
Ward LaFrance основана в 1918 г .
Во время WW II компания специализировалась на производстве 6x6 ремонтно-эвакуационных тягачах.
В середине 60-х гг. в соответствии с требованиями командования сухопутных сил США компания Ward LaFrance учасствовала в разработке тягача НЕТ ( Heavy Equipment Transporter).
В 80х компания производила пожарные автомобили.
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