Willeme Willeme was founded in 1923 by Louis Willeme, after working for Automobiles Gregoire.
Most were made with Deutz AG engines; some with in-house engines; some with AEC . In the 1960s, Willeme also sold rebadged AEC and BMC trucks.
Willeme went bankrupt in 1970 and were taken over by PRP (Perez et Raymond), who continued to produce Willeme's TG range of trucks. Eventually, some MOL Trucks were based on Willeme designs.
MOL 6x6 oil-field tractors and rigids are specТd with engines by Cummins and the other usual culprits. Solo grosses are up to 90 tonnes. The biggest Ц including monster cabovers as supplied to Dubai in the 1990s for moving 100 tonne CAT D-11 dozers Ц have up 500+ bhp. Tyres are up to 1.8m diameter 29.5x25s. The design of the cabovers traces back to the 1979 takeover by MOL of design rights for the PRP- Willeme TG300 8x8 from Creusot-Loire of France. Billed at the time as a 1,000 tonner, this vehicle was capable of towing up to 300 tonnes and at one time MOL had a small production line. And if any old stagers wonder what ever happened to the German KFM Desert Lion that starred in good old TRUCK magazineТs 1983 Supertruck special, well, MOL took over the project, got it working properly and with 800 bhp under its still futuristic bonnet is still in service in Algeria.Ф
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